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My folks have noticed a few blog postings elsewhere that get all preachy about how you shouldn’t give people food to dogs, and how Thanksgiving is coming up, so be extra safe and don’t do anything fun ever, and people must be running out of things to blog about, otherwise this wouldn’t be popping up everywhere. Am I ranting? Oh, sorry.

As much as I would like an entire turkey dinner — or an entire turkey — to myself, small bits of lean white meat are fine. We can have some peas. A nibble of roll, okay. Watch the salt, watch the fat, watch the amount, you guys know this, right? Common sense and all? Then I really am thankful!

So, you know that look we get when we’re sitting at your feet next to the table and we’re staring at you all wide-eyed and drooly and we don’t take our eyes off of you for a second? Yep, you’ll be seeing that on Thanksgiving.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’m giving you that look right now.

posted by Zippy 10/20/2009 12:36 PM ^^


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