Zippyweb: Fun stuff for Corgi fans

Corgi wallpaper

Desktop freebies

Take your pick of desktop wallpaper files featuring Zippy.

Color Park screenshot

Zippy walks through a colorful park

Corner screenshot

Zippy keeps watch from the corner of your screen

Ziptoon screenshot

Big ol’ cartoon Zippy

Zipblock screenshot

A contemporary-art colorblock wallpaper

Zipchalk screenshot

Zipchalk is a full-face portrait that looks like a textured chalk rubbing

Zippy tile
A small picture to tile on your desktop

Zippy tessellation
Here is a tessellation to tile

If Escher had a Corgi, it might look like this. Okay, probably not.

More Stuff

Zippy also has cool merchandise including coffee mugs, mousepad, cap, tote bag, sweatshirt, T-shirts and more available for purchase! Visit the Zippy Store.

Corgi merchandise from Zippyweb