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My folks came home smelling like Corgi puppy today. Apparently they ran into someone that had a little baby, about 11 weeks old, which was how old I was when I came to live with my folks, and that just sent them over the edge, and they had to play with the puppy and pick it up and snuggle it and tell it how cute and adorable it was and how it looked just like I did such a very long time ago.

Now I’m afraid they want a puppy.

posted by Zippy 07/16/2004 4:45 PM ^^


I must be a very good dog. I have been given this chewie thingy. I am pretty sure only good dogs get these.

Zippy and his chewie

I have been carrying it around and jealously guarding it the better part of the morning. Maybe at some point I will actually chew it.

Daisy has already polished hers off. This is role reversal for us. Usually she is quite leisurely about these things and I am a pig. However, the day is young. I still have plenty of opportunity to snarf this down.

posted by Zippy 07/13/2004 10:52 AM ^^


I don’t know what’s going on, but more wildlife has come to visit us. This morning, it is a deer!

Deer in the yard

At least, I am told that’s what it is. I do not believe I have ever seen one before. I do like its ears.

Oh, I wish I could chase it. I bet I could herd it and nip its heels.

posted by Zippy 07/09/2004 7:50 AM ^^


There is a turkey in our yard! My folks weren’t lying to me after all! Wild turkeys live here!

She has two little babies. They are peeping. Look! See her out behind the bushes?

Turkey in the yard

Hurry! She’s getting away!

Oddly, despite my insatiable love for turkey, she does not appear to be all that appetizing.

posted by Zippy 07/07/2004 10:07 AM ^^


My folks have added a couple of journals to my store. So I guess it is appropriate to announce journals in my journal. Unlike this journal, however, the journals you can buy do not come pre-inscribed with my wisdom. You will be required to supply your own.

Anyway, one of the journals is groovy, and one is gray.

posted by Zippy 07/02/2004 7:51 PM ^^


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