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A very nice day with a long walk. It is still early, but spring is in the air. And so is the scent of our tick repellant. It is very perfume-y. I guess it is meant to smell good to People, because if they wanted it to appeal to dogs, it would smell like the stuff we like to roll in. You know, like duck droppings.

posted by Zippy 02/27/2003 4:37 PM ^^


Oh, this is so embarrassing. My folks bought me a cat toy.

It’s this battery-operated mouse that goes around in little circles and laughs if you nudge it. It’s interesting for about four seconds.

I can see that cats might play with it. Cats are so easily amused. Catnip, for example. I don’t get it, but they seem to dig it. On the other hand, I have yet to meet a cat that understands the profound implications of the UPS truck coming down the street.

Anyway, I am doing an outstanding job of ignoring this thing. It smells like a cat toy, and I won’t have anything to do with it.

Plus, its laugh is very loud, so I think my folks are somewhat relieved. Maybe I’ll give it a whack in the middle of the night.

posted by Zippy 02/16/2003 10:08 AM ^^


When we go to the park, we usually encounter people jogging with their dogs.

Sometimes, this gives our People the idea that this is a good thing, or would be fun.

Note to our People: We don’t go to the park to jog. We go to the park to sniff, stroll, lift the occasional leg, roll in unidentifiable, yet oh-so-heavenly stuff, and in general, just be dogs.

“Come on,” they say, “It will be good exercise.”

Oh, it’s exercise you want? I get all the exercise I need with squirrel-induced wind sprints, but that will also help you with some stretches. I can make your leash-holding arm a good three inches longer than the other.

posted by Zippy 02/08/2003 08:28 AM ^^


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