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Spring is here. We went for a long r-i-d-e in the c-a-r today. I don’t know why my folks always spell that out. I know how to spell.

Anyway, it was pretty warm, so when we stopped, I found a nice spot in the shade:

No, really, I am wearing a leash.

posted by Zippy 3/29/2002 07:26:55 PM ^^


My folks are doing some upgrades to the computer, which makes for some good dog fun. Every few minutes we go to see if we can help. We like to run across the carpet as fast as we can, then collide with the hand holding the hard drive. Oh, did you get a shock? Me too! We’ve walked on every piece of documentation we can find. This box looks like it could use a chewing. Can we have a treat? Right now? Right now? Now? Right now? Can we? Please? Right now? Right now? Huh? Can we?

We pretend we don’t do it on purpose, but we do really.

Plus, it’s raining, so they won’t lock us outside. Hee, hee hee.

And, the folks are guaranteed to be home with us pretty much all weekend, reinstalling every last thing. Lots more opportunities to be adorable at just the wrong time.

posted by Zippy 3/22/2002 01:29:43 PM ^^


I do not, not, not, like getting locked in the bedroom when repair people come to the house. I do not. Please make a note of it.

posted by Zippy 3/8/2002 04:06:57 PM ^^


It is my birthday! I hope I get to go somewhere fun today. I already know we are having cupcakes. I can see them. I can smell them. I just can’t reach them, and being patient is not one of my virtues. I hope you can have a cupcake today, too. If you do, will you give me some?

posted by Zippy 3/6/2002 07:47:10 AM ^^


For my birthday, we got to go to the creek and the park. We went to the pet supply store, and I got to pick out whatever I wanted! I picked treats. I also selected a cat tree, but no one took me seriously, so I did not get it. Daisy also got to pick something, so I hope when it’s her birthday, I will get another selection! For dinner, Daisy and I had chicken, and parts of a cupcake for dessert. Songs were sung, and cards were read to me. I want to have a birthday everyday.

posted by Zippy 3/6/2002 06:25:15 PM ^^


It has been wonderful and sunny the last several days. I love to lie in the yard and play Baked Potato. I wish shredded cheese and bacon bits were involved somehow, but they’re not.

posted by Zippy 3/3/2002 06:24:50 PM ^^


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