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Duck-chasing fun at the park today. I just charge at them, and they scramble into their pond. I have to remember to put on the brakes, or I will follow them right in.

Once, I was rolling in some wonderfully stinky stuff at another duck pond, and I wasn’t paying attention (total stinky-stuff nirvana will do that) and I rolled right into the pond.

Somewhat embarrassing, but so worth it.

posted by Zippy 10/25/2002 08:56 AM ^^


Zippy and Daisy on the bed

Why, yes, we are comfortable. Thank you.

Why do you ask?

posted by Zippy 10/15/2002 06:00 AM ^^


Yesterday on our walk, we walked past a building that has mirrored windows all the way down to the ground.

Daisy saw her reflection and thought she had found a new friend. I tried to tell her, “It’s your reflection, you goof,” but she didn’t understand. She kept trying to touch her newfound kindred spirit.

Then, when we got to the end of the building, her friend went away, but she found her again by backing up a few steps.

posted by Zippy 10/08/2002 06:25 AM ^^


Now that Halloween is coming up, my folks get asked about how to make my school bus costume, I am sorry to say.

At the risk of causing some other poor Corgi the intense humiliation that I was forced to endure for about three years running—until my folks finally had mercy—they have asked that I pass along these basic instructions:

The costume was created mostly by trial and error with felt and a glue gun. One piece of felt draped over the back, one for each side, rear and front, cut as necessary, have spares, because felt takes to glue really well. Use gray felt for windows, black for tires and trim. One corner should stay unglued so you can put it on, hold that together with velcro. Elastic straps underneath to keep it around the dog’s legs. Accessorize as desired, with little glue-on craft-store jewels for lights and stuff, or else more felt. Add small vinyl stick-on letters. Cut “passengers” from spare photos.


posted by Zippy 10/02/2002 08:08 AM ^^


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