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Oh, such a happy sound! The ding of the toaster oven.

What are we having? What is that? What is that? What is that? Whatcha got? Whatcha got? Whatcha got?

It’s muffins!

We so love the ding of the toaster oven. Please ding some more.

posted by Zippy 2/26/2005 5:51 AM ^^


Here is some Corgi adorableness at Flickr, the photo-sharing site.

posted by Zippy 2/16/2005 2:56 PM ^^


Corgis, and the people who love them, in the news:

Elvis knows calculus. (And there is a phrase that is probably unique in canine history.)

Betsy at Westminster.

Wonderful Tasha Tudor.

posted by Zippy 2/15/2005 5:27 AM ^^


Yesterday at the park, a beautiful Dalmatian came to play. He was very inspiring, running with magnificent grace. I thought it would be fun to herd him.

I hopped off in his general direction, and he took off like the wind. After a few feet, I realized the futility of my effort. I slowed, he did not, and I watched as he flew off toward the horizon.

He came back even faster than he took off, and I again made some vague motions of chasing him. He seemed to take me seriously, and made a good show of outrunning me again.

I might take up a new career as an exercise coach. I did not exert myself all that much, but I played a very important role in the physical fitness of that Dalmatian, at least for a few minutes.

Because I am so sure he could not have done it without my help.

posted by Zippy 2/11/2005 5:45 AM ^^


For the past week and a half, there has been a flat skunk on the periphery of our driveway. Investigating dead things is one of the things dogs typically adore, but I am staying far, far away.

Our folks were completely flummoxed as how to dispose of it. It is so foul not even the vultures will help us. (There is a flat skunk about every 150 feet on every road in the county, so Animal Control might get around to it sometime in June or so.)

At first, our folks planned on burying it, but realized that would require either standing near it long enough to dig a hole, or transporting it on a shovel, which would result in a shovel that will likely never be used again.

So finally, they got one of those super-heavy garbage bags and picked him up much like they use baggies to pick up after us in the park. It was amusing to watch them, though. They made some pretty funny faces.

Now, Skunky McFlat is double-bagged and residing in a trash can that will likely never be used again. The garbage men will earn their pay tomorrow.

posted by Zippy 2/7/2005 1:45 PM ^^


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