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Here are some of Zippy’s friends who have stopped by over the years.

From: Jim Waggoner
Hometown: Napa, CA
Message: I love your web site Zippy. My 1 year corgi, Winston, jumps into our computer chair every time your screen saver pops up. Hello to RJ in Modesto!
Wednesday, June 30, 2004 at 14:23:37 (PDT)

From: toni morgan
Message: Zippy I think you are so cute. I have a corgi called RJ he is 7 years old and I love him. He has a corgi friend named Winston Waggoner.
Monday, June 28, 2004 at 20:37:01 (PDT)

From: Jim Waggoner
Hometown: Napa, CA
Message: Great fun. My Pembrook Welsh just turned one year. His ears don't stand up. Is there any hope. I won't put him through tape or surgery.
Monday, June 28, 2004 at 16:02:19 (PDT)

From: die Arztin
Hometown: Hollywood, Fla.
Message: In memory of Ch. Larklain's Golden Fenella ('Foxy') and Wakefield's Green Jeans ( a therapy dog before they became well-known). A wonderful breed, went well with my German Shepherds.
Monday, June 28, 2004 at 10:58:02 (PDT)

From: Al and Carolyn Caldarelli
Hometown: Parkersburg, WV
Message: Hi Zippy. We have a Corgi mix and she is the sweetest dog! She is mostly white with a gold eye and top of head. She is verrrry independant with me but loves her 'daddy' very much. A much loved dog and she LOVES everyone! Carolyn
Monday, June 28, 2004 at 06:11:13 (PDT)

From: cizary
Message: hey dawg i love my corgie more thn life
Saturday, June 26, 2004 at 16:36:28 (PDT)

From: Julie
Message: Hi
Wednesday, June 23, 2004 at 13:04:31 (PDT)

From: Donna Sullivan
Hometown: Oakville
Message: I also own a welsh corgi named Blazer. he is almost 10 years old. I can relate to the antics of Zippy because our corgi has the same type of personality. He is not our pet, he is a member of our family. We take him almost everywhere we go.
Tuesday, June 22, 2004 at 08:17:05 (PDT)

From: anthony
Hometown: newyork
Tuesday, June 22, 2004 at 00:51:37 (PDT)

From: dude
Hometown: dude
Message: i hate zippy, bacon is good.
Monday, June 21, 2004 at 20:12:43 (PDT)

From: Katie and Howie
Hometown: West Michigan
Message: We love your Web site! We check it often and have told all our canine friends about it. Our favorite pages are your Journal, A Day in the Life, Zip Flicks, and the Spy Cam. Please keep posting! We love seeing fellow corgis on the Web!
Sunday, June 20, 2004 at 18:32:30 (PDT)

From: Randy and Beauty
Hometown: burke Va
Message: zippy! i am beauty and I aam currrently hear witth my dumb dog friend Randy! I am Lab mix and Randy is a tweenie Doaschaund. He's a friend of Biscuit so you might have heard of him before! I love you website! Randy likes it too but hes not as old as I am so hes doesn't have as much senroity as me. If you ever want to come to visit come to my house on the second to last week in July! but only from 9:00 -3:00 Michelle wont mind, shes as sweet as can be! Have fun! -Beauty ~and~ -randy
Wednesday, June 16, 2004 at 15:34:04 (PDT)

From: Matthew
Hometown: Waegwan
Message: Finally found a pic to send my friends the type of dog i want when i get back from korea. Thanks Zippy.
Wednesday, June 16, 2004 at 02:53:38 (PDT)

From: Jennifer
Hometown: Milpitas
Message: Hi Zippy. I love u're website. I have a 1 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He got overweight once but got skinnier like a year after that. My dog's name is Ringo. Zippy is a good name. I wish I thought of that.
Tuesday, June 15, 2004 at 20:46:15 (PDT)

From: Caroline and BoB
Hometown: Mantua Nj.
Message: Great page, I signed your book a while ago, just thougt I would update. Antbody who wants pics of our Pembroke(TROUBLE) E-me at
Tuesday, June 15, 2004 at 16:44:30 (PDT)

From: Layne
Message: Zippy, I love your journal! it is so funny. I think you are right, your folks have too much time on their hands.
Tuesday, June 15, 2004 at 13:09:45 (PDT)

From: Carol Windham
Hometown: Tallahassee
Message: Hi Zippy, Daisy and your folks! I'm PeeWee - a Corgi/German Shepherd mix and my Mom loves to check out your site every day. It makes her laugh and wish she was at home with me and my sister, Katie (a yellow hound dog). Keep up the good zip-licous work!
Friday, June 11, 2004 at 07:11:37 (PDT)

From: Happy Dude and Toby
Hometown: Brisbane(Don't want to mention town)
Message: Your a cute dog. You should see Toby!!!
Sunday, June 6, 2004 at 03:16:46 (PDT)

From: Kirsten
Hometown: Whidbey Island,WA
Message: Hey Zip,My corgi just died and seeing you is just the therapy i needed.Keep up the cute pictures and i'll visit often.Say a prayer for boo boo.
Saturday, June 5, 2004 at 20:47:35 (PDT)

From: Baxter
Hometown: New Jersey
Message: From one corgi to another -- you have a very cool web site! It's my mom's favorite. She spends lots of time looking at it when she really should be working. Personally, I like herding my soccer ball better than playing on the computer (I'm so short it's kind of hard to see the screen), but I do like the noise that your drums make. It gives me an excuse to bark. P.S. My folks bet that your folks would be a lot of fun at a dinner party!
Friday, May 28, 2004 at 17:42:07 (PDT)

From: Grams
Hometown: Modesto,Ca.
Message: Hi Zippy, Daisy & folks; I haven't written you in a long time. How are you and your new home? Hope you like it--sounds adventureous!!Take care. Love ya.Grams
Wednesday, May 26, 2004 at 18:57:22 (PDT)

From: "Penny the Corgi"
Hometown: Solon, Ohio
Message: Arf, Arf! ARRF - ArF, AArf (growl) ARF, ARF! Arf (snarl), arf, ARF.... Arf, Arf!!! (The above message is for Zippy only, not for mere humans!) Arf, Arf!!! (Love) Penny
Wednesday, May 26, 2004 at 14:10:14 (PDT)

From: melissa and freddy
Message: Hi Zippy I loooooove your website. Don't stop being sooooooo cute. freddy( my Labrador) agrees!!!! Luv ya!!!! :)
Sunday, May 23, 2004 at 03:31:19 (PDT)

From: Izzy
Hometown: Amesbury
Message: This web sight is now one of my favorites, it's so intreaging!!!!! my corgi tucker says "hello" or "woof" (we are working on that...)
Saturday, May 22, 2004 at 19:00:20 (PDT)

From: kamal dodi
Hometown: morocco
Message: hi all peopole iam moroccoan i want to be your friend's see you very soon :)
Saturday, May 22, 2004 at 14:43:22 (PDT)

From: marissa
Hometown: tennesse
Message: i love your website and do you have a tv....thonk you
Friday, May 21, 2004 at 16:15:18 (PDT)

From: Quincy
Message: Hi Zippy! We haven't seen you on the spy cam lately. Any chancec of that soon?
Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 17:28:29 (PDT)

From: Roy and Whit
Hometown: Great Bend
Message: You are really adorable and pretty funny too!! I plan on getting a corgi soon...hope i get one that is like you!!
Thursday, May 20, 2004 at 00:09:13 (PDT)

From: Erica
Message: You are the cutest little Dog on the internet
Wednesday, May 19, 2004 at 12:52:50 (PDT)

From: Alice
Hometown: Makawao, Hawaii
Message: Zippy you are darling. When we moved here we gave up our Corgi, Rags, because she would have had to be in quarantine on another island for 4, yes four!, months. We adopted her out through a breed club, but still miss her. You remind me so much of her. Did you ever grab the flower seedlings when your human was planting? Rags did, ( as a puppy of course) then would sit there grinning like she had really made my day! Got any idea on breeders in Australia. If bred there, dogs do not have to be quarantined. Maybe we can find another Corgi. Also, It is pretty warm there, but a little cooler at the elevation where we live. I am fearful that a corgi could get pretty hot with all that fur. Say Hi to Daisy, Alice
Sunday, May 16, 2004 at 15:10:38 (PDT)

From: Colby Won Canoby
Hometown: Wallace Idhao
Message: Bark...bark...growl..growlly growl bark, bark...woof...growly growl ohhh wow bark baaarrrrkkk...woow growlly bark bark woof umfffff. Translation: Hey my name is Colby and I think you are pretty keen Ziipy. I am a silly and beuatiful Corgi dog too just like you but I am red and white and one and one half years old. I have been very very ill...but good news mom and doc think they know what's wrong with me and can do a little surgery and fix me all please say a prayer for me ok dokey!!! Maybe we can play together someday. I go up into the mountains almost every day on very big adventures...please come along with me some day.
Friday, May 14, 2004 at 19:40:41 (PDT)

From: Kirsten
Hometown: Maryland
Message: This site is so neat and so are you,Zibby!
Friday, May 14, 2004 at 16:07:30 (PDT)

From: mugu
Hometown: lome
Message: i dey hear.ooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Friday, May 14, 2004 at 05:05:38 (PDT)

From: jackie
Hometown: turners falls
Message: helloz !
Wednesday, May 12, 2004 at 14:43:20 (PDT)

From: Jordan
Message: This is the cutest page ever, and it is defenetly on my favourites list. I have my own Corgi named Rosie, and she still has her tail!
Monday, May 10, 2004 at 17:55:01 (PDT)

From: Kimberly
Hometown: Fort Lewis
Message: You are cute.
Saturday, May 8, 2004 at 22:21:03 (PDT)

From: The Crains
Hometown: New London, CT
Message: What a great site! :) We have a tricolor Pembroke named Melissa, and it's uncanny how similar they are. :) Where did you ever get the schoolbus costume?!?! Do you sell them??? Thanks!
Friday, May 7, 2004 at 15:13:06 (PDT)

From: JJ Johns
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Message: Very cute. This made my day for 2 reasons: 1. It's funny and made me laugh. 2. i thought i was puppy obsessed. i now know i'm just fine.
Friday, May 7, 2004 at 11:27:41 (PDT)

From: Kathy
Hometown: McKinney, TX
Message: Thanks for the information about the Roomba. I am afraid our Betty Ann would get her exercise trying to kill the Roomba. The vacuum is her mortal enemy!
Thursday, May 6, 2004 at 11:06:43 (PDT)

From: Jessica Rust
Hometown: Dallas, tx
Message: Zippy, you were my inspiration for getting Wylie. He's a 12 week old red and white Corgi and he's the highlight of my day!!!!!
Wednesday, May 5, 2004 at 16:39:22 (PDT)

From: Pam
Hometown: Carlsbad
Message: You are one cool Zippy-dog! My kids will love this site, as we are looking into adopting a Corgi of our own (perhaps "Pippy?" - Kidding!)
Wednesday, May 5, 2004 at 09:38:48 (PDT)

From: Kathy
Hometown: McKinney, TX
Message: Hey, Zippy. Have your folks let us all know how well the Roomba works at your house. I would like to try one at my two Corgi home. Are they worth having????

Zippy's folks respond: The Roomba is an interesting gadget that does a decent job, but it won't replace a regular vac. The dirt cups aren't very big, and they do quickly fill up with a lot of dog hair. But Zippy and Daisy get a little extra exercise getting out of its way.
Tuesday, May 4, 2004 at 13:45:14 (PDT)

From: Barbara
Hometown: Oakland CA
Message: thanks for an hour's delight on your website. Am looking for a Corgi for myself.
Sunday, May 2, 2004 at 13:57:43 (PDT)

From: Kittyfairy
Hometown: Texas
Message: HI ZIPPY im only 12 but love you your so cuite awww Zippy I love you your going in my website!
Friday, April 30, 2004 at 18:06:44 (PDT)

From: Brett
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Message: Hi, Zip! I found your site because some people in my support group said it was cute. When I came here, all the wonderful pictures reminded me of my best friend, Charlie, a beautiful Tri-colour Corgi, who was part of my family for many years. Charlie helped raise my children and was such a sweetheart! He and I were hit by cars in the same month & we both survived; he was blinded in one eye, and my spinal cord was injured. We helped each other get through the ordeals, and remained close until Charlies death in 1988. Have a great life, Zipster!
Wednesday, April 28, 2004 at 07:53:56 (PDT)

From: Michelle & Aaron Arnold
Hometown: Findlay, OH
Message: We have two PWC's, Tyler who weighs 55 lbs, and Sophie who is normal sized because she works at the horse farm all day!!
Tuesday, April 27, 2004 at 19:47:06 (PDT)

From: Carol
Hometown: Hicksville, NY
Message: I have 2 PWC and love them very much
Monday, April 26, 2004 at 22:11:40 (PDT)

From: monica
Hometown: leesbug va
Message: i just love corgis!!
Saturday, April 24, 2004 at 08:18:09 (PDT)

From: Biscuit & Sissy
Hometown: Centreville, VA
Message: Zipster! Hi. My mom got me a sister. Her name is Sissy. She's a tri. Mainly black and white with a little bit of brown on her face and cute brown eyebrows. I really like her. We play together, take walks with mom, eat the dried up worms on the sidewalks [mom thinks this is gross], snuffle in the grass, chew chewies, and tossle. The only thing I don't like is when Sissy wants to eat my food. I bark and chase her away. That is MY food. -- Right now I'm showing her your website while mom is out of the house- that's the best time for us Corgis to web surf you know. Since I'm the oldest I get to write the messages. 3h94i#)&^*()%jmne*^%#2. OOPs!!! -Sorry about that - Sissy tried to type a message and she doesn't know human speak or write yet. She'll learn. Anyway - got to go. Mom will be home soon and we have to put the chair back and get in Corgi Pet Mode. Seeya.
Friday, April 23, 2004 at 12:38:17 (PDT)

From: Kate
Hometown: Indianapolis
Message: Zippy, I have two corgis, Brynn and Simon, who say hi. They are busy napping in the bathroom. I think its must be that its cooler in there. Kate and Brynn and Simon
Friday, April 23, 2004 at 08:42:36 (PDT)

From: Kevin
Hometown: Tulsa
Message: Hey! I like the website....just out of curiosity, how old is Zippy?
Thursday, April 22, 2004 at 21:21:49 (PDT)

From: Luanne
Hometown: Marion, NC
Message: Hi Zippy! You look just like my corgi, Maggie. She is colored just like you...and is such a I'm sure you are also.
Thursday, April 22, 2004 at 13:42:54 (PDT)

From: mary
Hometown: arlington
Message: hi zippy i have 2 corgis 2 & there both as crazy as u r! well have fun doing ur corgish things his people:gr8 site!
Sunday, April 18, 2004 at 13:37:49 (PDT)

From: abigail
Message: u are soo cute!
Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 10:49:35 (PDT)

From: julie chilton
Hometown: Leicester, England
Message: Hi Zippy, I think you're so cool. I love visiting your website. watching you play the drums is my favourite!! I also enjoy dressing you up!
Thursday, April 15, 2004 at 10:02:14 (PDT)

From: Layne
Hometown: Pierre, SD
Message: Zippy, you are absoulutley adorable! I own two corgis, Dexter and Meg. They are so bad but I'm sure that you are well behaved!
Tuesday, April 13, 2004 at 13:02:39 (PDT)

From: Keli
Message: Hi Zippy! I love you. You are very soft, and I like petting you.
Monday, April 12, 2004 at 04:47:54 (PDT)

From: Popcorn
Hometown: Loveland, CO
Message: Happy Easter, Zippy. I wanted to tell you about something that really upset me. I entered an Easter coloring contest at my Mom's work, and all I got was a picture of my picture with the Easter Bunny! The other kids got baskets full of goodies! My picture was better than some of them, and as good as the rest. I hardly ate any of the paper, and the drool was all dried up. I'm thinking of sueing for species discrimination. Thanks for listening, Zipster. My Mom will give me some extra treats, I'm sure. All I have to do is look at her and she gives me anything I want. Except chocolate.
Friday, April 9, 2004 at 14:46:20 (PDT)

From: Mallory Sherwood
Hometown: Mesa,Az.
Message: I have a welsh corgie too.His name is Boots. Corgies are so cool.You're so cute zip, best wishes, Mal
Wednesday, April 7, 2004 at 18:56:05 (PDT)

From: kate saunders
Hometown: milwaukie, or
Message: have two little boy's who drive me crazy! would not trade them for the world, they're my babie's. got stuart first,he's the alpha male, got louie 3 mo. later, he was born on the anniversary of my husband's death, he is an old soul, but a clown my "big dog's in little bodie's". gawd but they're sturdy little mite's!
Wednesday, April 7, 2004 at 02:37:26 (PDT)

From: Elaine
Hometown: Boston, MA
Message: I so enjoyed viewing your site, Zippy - you are indeed an adorable little Pem...I am thrilled to view the site and get your advice about owning a Pembroke Corgi like yourself...I am thoroughly researching your breed - Now that I have "met" you only makes my desire to adopt a Pem even stronger...I laughed so hard (with tears in my eyes!) when I saw your School bus Halloween picture...I appreciated your folks' sense of humor...thank you for such a clever and creative website...I will visit frequently!
Tuesday, April 6, 2004 at 20:06:46 (PDT)

From: Chris and Daphna
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Message: Our first pem puppy come next week, I hope he will be a cute as Zippy when he groes up
Tuesday, April 6, 2004 at 16:41:20 (PDT)

From: Judas
Hometown: Elsmere, DE
Message: Hi, Zippy! I am a two month old PWC, and I would love to thank you because if not for this site, I am not sure if my mommy would have gotten me. For all I know, she might have gone off and got a Cardi instead (grrrr). I love you Zippy, you are my role model!
Monday, April 5, 2004 at 08:57:25 (PDT)

From: Glowbear
Hometown: Kingston
Message: Woof Woof Woof!!! Great website! Ours got lost, but Mom is hoping to start it up again someday. Meanwhile, I'll have to tell her about Dog toast.
Sunday, April 4, 2004 at 18:21:10 (PDT)

From: Ring
Message: Hi Zippy! You sure are cute! I am gorgeous, 2-year old blonde Pembroke with a white necklace, perfect white socks, lovely stumpy legs, and a very broad, fluffy bottom. My parents say I walk just like Wilbur the pig. Although I am beautiful, I have brains too, and a job. I live with a 16 year old dachshund named Killer, and my job is to herd him. I won't go outside without him, and I won't let my parents leave him anywhere without me. When he went to the dentist, my parents had to carry me outside to potty because I couldn't find him. I don't always come when they call ME, but I always come if they call him. I take my job very seriously. Thank you for your journal. You do your job very well too. Ring PS I agree with you - treats are very very good.
Sunday, April 4, 2004 at 13:09:39 (PDT)

From: nikki
Message: hey zip! i'm a fawn pembroke and I gotta say you are the cutest corgi I have ever seen! I also have to share my house with a dog named Daisy but she's quite small AND I think she's annoying.... My owner has a corgi collection and is constantly looking for corgi stuff so I wouldn't be surprised if she bought one of those cute corgi books on ur site! Anyway, you rock! and ur a cutey! If ur ever in the area give me a call ;)
Thursday, April 1, 2004 at 19:32:36 (PDT)

From: Winston
Hometown: Fallon, NV
Message: Hi Zippy! From one Corgi to another. What a fun site!! Thanks for sharing your "Corgi" world with us. Corgi's are wonderful.....
Thursday, April 1, 2004 at 18:33:39 (PDT)

From: Ashley
Hometown: Seneca Falls
Message: Hay,Zippy you are so cute i would like to meet you same birthday is on the samre day as yours..........Where do you live?How old are you?Do you like to play soccer?....I do because i play in the spring,winter, and sumer.....I'm rilly good are you?If we meet same time i would like to play a game of soccer with you.............Well i am 12 i live in senecafalls ny................i live with my mom...............I LOVE dogs specialy you are my favorit dog in the world..............I did a project on you in school.well got to go Your Friend, Ashley
Thursday, April 1, 2004 at 16:51:11 (PDT)

From: stroupy
Hometown: santa clarita
Message: guess what zippy we have the name for the new corgi, her name is maggie. love your website, i viewed all of the movies, cody and maggie wish there mom was able to make a website like yours. i love this website, how fun. i know if my sister reads this message she will think i have totally lost it, she calls me the crazy corgi lady because i want to have 5 corgi's. take care, we'll let you know when we get our next addition to our family.
Tuesday, March 30, 2004 at 19:43:26 (PDT)

From: Toby
Hometown: Springfiled, VA
Message: Greetings from Virginia. Loved your space adventure. Where's the food? How did you pee up there in space? Did they give you a special bag or something? I could never do what you did - I'm afriand of heights and I AM a Princess, afterall - at least that is what my mommy tells me. I am a little Maltese and I just found out about your site. I have a Corgi friend who I play with sometimes. Bye Bye. Toby
Monday, March 29, 2004 at 13:31:09 (PDT)

From: Biscuit
Hometown: Centreville, VA
Message: ZIPPY!!! Happy Birthday - a little late but I've had a hard time getting access to the computer. Seems Mom thinks my toes are too short for typing - HA! Shows how much she really knows. At the moment I'm sneaking a little time at the keyboard while she's at work. Mom always tells me how smart I am and I am just proving her right!! Right?? Hee Hee Hee. Any way - I just turned two in February. My mom has started to let me roam the first floor all day while she's at work. I've done ok except for "The Couch Pee" incident - she was a bit po'd over that one but now she's happy because it's an old couch and she's rationalized herself into buying a new one. Of ocurse, she probably won't let me on it because of The CPI. Sigh. Anyway - I am also learning to be off leash a little bit which has caused my mom to be a bit more anxious than usual but I always listen to her so I don't see what the big deal is.... Well I'd better go. I DO like to talk - Mom says I just like to hear myself talk but I KNOW that I have interesting information to communicate and everyone wants to know. How could she even doubt that? Have a happy Spring. Love - Biscuit
Monday, March 29, 2004 at 12:49:09 (PDT)

From: Shannen
Message: hey zippy i have a question....i was wondering if you can make more clips of you? please write back. You are such a cute dog also and i love your clip of you looking through the presents ok well byebye.
Wednesday, March 24, 2004 at 18:37:19 (PDT)

From: Shannen
Message: hey this website is really cool and fun and zippy is such a cute dog!!
Wednesday, March 24, 2004 at 18:33:34 (PDT)

From: stroupy
Hometown: santa clarita ca
Message: I love the website, we love corgi's! i will have 2 corgi's and my sister has 2 and we enjoy our corgi's soooo much. we think your website is adorable, i found your website 2 years ago when i got my baby corgi, and we were discussing your website last night because my new baby is going to join us in 2 weeks. she is a girl. we have not come up with a name yet, we have to get to know her. we thought since we already have cody we can name the other one cassidy just like kathie lee gifford named her children. hahaha just joking. we are looking for a one syllable name so cody will not get confused.
Wednesday, March 24, 2004 at 11:15:40 (PDT)

From: bInky
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
Message: Hey Zippy you are so CUTE :)! I really want a Corgi like you can help me find one! PLEASE!!!!:)
Monday, March 22, 2004 at 19:21:28 (PDT)

From: Gwen Davis
Hometown: BurlingtonFlats
Message: Corgis are the CUTEIST dogs i've seen for photos!
Monday, March 22, 2004 at 10:13:09 (PDT)

From: Kellan and Kallison
Message: We loved Zippy. I will come back always to play and watch him. Hugs and kisses, Kellan and Kallison
Friday, March 19, 2004 at 16:54:58 (PDT)

From: Jessie
Hometown: Delafield, WI
Message: Zippy the Puppy and A Day In the Life Zippy pictures are two different dogs??? There is no way marking could change like that on a dog... especially not to the point of loosing all black on the head.. Could someone clerify for me if it is two different dogs.. I am confused now.. which one is the real zippy? Or is this a son of zippy or something...

Zippy's folks respond: All of the Zippy pictures are indeed the same dog. As a puppy, he had a lot of black markings, but they have receded as he got older, and to this day, Zippy continues to lose more and more black coloring. His black saddle has bands of red, and we figure as he gets to be a very, very old dog, he'll end up being a red and white Corgi instead of a tri!
Wednesday, March 17, 2004 at 18:39:52 (PDT)

From: Jessie and Sage
Hometown: Delafield, WI
Message: Hello Zippy, My Name is Sage Also knowen as "Sage's Impossible Dream" Yup that name my mommy gave to me because she is a BIG JOE NICHOLS Fan.. Friends with him to.. Well i am a 10 week old Tri Color Female and I LOOK EXACTLY like you but I have black around my eyes where you don't! My mommy thinks you are gorgeous to.. I was getting jelous because I am supposed ot be the cutest right now :) I start Conformation classes at the end of the month and next summer I start agility and will become a canine good citizen to.. My Uncles Timber a Collie and Shane a Shepherd Doberman mix are already Canine Good Citizens so I want to be just like them.. I wish I could meet you we would have so MUCH FUn together.. All though I am pretty rambunxious right now :) Look For Pictures on the Site soon :)
Wednesday, March 17, 2004 at 18:29:49 (PDT)

From: Gabrielle
Hometown: Nova Scotia
Message: Hey Zippy! I would LOVE to meet you! You look soo cute! Iam sure you are spoiled! Iwas boared one day and i just wrote the word " Zippy" and i love your website! Say hi to Daisy for me! Corgi are my favourite type of dog ever since i saw you! Ijust want to squeeze you, you are sooooooooo cute! Ihave two dogs of my own! Max and Haleigh! They would love to see you too! I will continue to go on your webpage forever! And Zippy's owners you are very nice to make a webpage for your dog! Love ya Zippy! Your Friend Gabrielle
Wednesday, March 17, 2004 at 13:30:46 (PDT)

From: Monte
Hometown: Sturgis, MI
Message: Hi Zippy!
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 at 18:20:06 (PDT)

From: Arwen (IM A CORGI 2!) :)!!! my owner-kate
Message: Hello!! (WOOF) well um.. im a corgi, im 5 and like yeah. well i ALWAYS bark when my owner pets you on the web ( i think that another dogs attacking!). i would like to have you over but id probaly attack you cuz' i dont like other dogs in my house. well happy St.Patricks Day!!!!!!!! (WOOF!) BYE!!!!!
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 at 17:23:41 (PDT)

From: Maggie and Millie
Hometown: Boerne, Texas
Message: Zippy, You are the coolest! We are two beautiful corgi girls and we have a big crush on you. If you are ever in Texas come look us up. Gotta go, there are several deer that need to be chased out of the yard! Hugs and kisses, Maggie and Millie p.s. Your website rocks!!!
Tuesday, March 16, 2004 at 12:03:25 (PDT)

From: Sarah Caroline PICKARD
Hometown: washington
Message: zippy ive already singed once but i love you so much i had to right again my lab hip says howdy. corgis are the cutest dickens in the world!you are so cute god bless you and your wonderful owners sarah ps write to me please if you can pss just to remind you your the cutest thing and im 9 so sorry bout the spelling!Bye
Monday, March 15, 2004 at 17:14:26 (PDT)

From: Sarah Caroline PICKARD
Message: Hello Zippy, My name is Sarah and I am 9 yrs old.I love your website and I love you! I am getting my very own corgi in 2 weeks! I hope I get to meet you someday. Thank You
Monday, March 15, 2004 at 16:58:06 (PDT)

From: Bailey tate
Hometown: vernon
Message: hi email me ok talk you more
Thursday, March 11, 2004 at 11:37:18 (PDT)

From: Holly
Hometown: Virginia
Message: Happy Birthday, Zippy!
Tuesday, March 9, 2004 at 15:08:53 (PDT)

From: Elle
Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Message: I really like your website! My favorite is when you play the drums b/c my owner is a drummer. Have a great day! Elle Nokes
Tuesday, March 9, 2004 at 12:58:40 (PDT)

From: Yogi
Hometown: Alpharetta, GA
Message: Hi Zippy! My name is Yogi. I'm a Corgi too! My human, her sister, and my buddy (also a Corgi) Carlo's human love your website. Especially the journal. I wish I had a journal. I wish I had a website....I wish I had some Dog Toast right now.....
Tuesday, March 9, 2004 at 11:18:59 (PDT)

From: K-G the Corgi
Hometown: Bothell
Message: Wow Zippy! You're web site is really cool. Obviously, your humans are much more talented than mine! Keep up the great work!
Monday, March 8, 2004 at 12:45:58 (PDT)

From: Greg
Message: I loe ur ste zipper@ i thnk you r cut. i wuld lik to met u.
Wednesday, March 3, 2004 at 21:50:54 (PDT)

From: GiGi, Misty, and Randi Red
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Message: Great site, Zippy! We loved the movie when you rolled over on the bug!!! We like to roll in all kinds of stinky things!!!
Tuesday, March 2, 2004 at 08:14:26 (PDT)

From: Debbie
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Message: Zippy, you have the cutest corgi web site of any I have seen. It's fun, even for a grown-up owned by 2 corgis & 2 german shorthairs of her own. I think they're jeasous!!
Monday, March 1, 2004 at 16:36:17 (PDT)

From: Kennen
Hometown: San Fransico
Message: Zippy you are cute. i love corgis. Me and my partner Ronald raise corgi puppies. We let them sleep im our bed under the covers. Except when me and Ronny want some alone time, we only let one at a time.
Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 17:22:02 (PDT)

From: Kayley LOWE
Message: I love corgi's and can't waite to get one of my own.
Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 09:19:16 (PDT)

From: Ricky
Message: Hey zippy, you are quite the cute dog. I have 4 corgi's!!! they are such wonderful dogs good job on the site
Saturday, February 28, 2004 at 23:38:10 (PDT)

From: hootang
Hometown: hootangland
Message: hootang greets zippy with peace, please accept are offering.
Saturday, February 28, 2004 at 23:13:14 (PDT)

From: Amy
Hometown: Minneapolis
Message: Zippy Rocks! My dog Ella gets jealous when I pet Zippy!
Friday, February 27, 2004 at 21:04:54 (PDT)

From: Fred
Hometown: Jenks, OK
Message: Zippy...My name is Fred, and I'm a Corgi mix just like Daisy. We could be twins (except I'm a boy and I don't have a tail). I live with Addie (she's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi) and Mike (he's a snooty Persian cat who looks like a statue until we chase him). We love to visit your website with our folks! Your fly video makes us bark. Keep up the good work and lick Daisy for us.
Monday, February 23, 2004 at 19:58:05 (PDT)

From: Diane
Hometown: Iowa City
Message: Hi! I own a 3 yr. old tri-color male named "Rascal Pete". He is my baby and my best friend--never knew a dog could be so much fun! He is also very smart (and spoiled!) We loved your website!!
Monday, February 23, 2004 at 13:17:02 (PDT)

From: Beth
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
Message: Zippy - You are adorable and I love your site! I have one corgi boy named Nigel and hope to be getting a female puppy soon. Visit my site if you have time. God bless!
Monday, February 23, 2004 at 09:24:22 (PDT)

From: Wanda
Message: Hi Zippy! It's nice of you to share your doggie life with us. I have a doggie named Dixie. Have fun, Zippy! Wanda
Sunday, February 22, 2004 at 13:28:03 (PDT)

From: Lucy
Message: WOW, that was an amazing site. i feel totally enspired to buy a german shepherd now. I didnt realy like dogs till now, but making a site, really opened to eyes to how important dogs are to the world, thankyou and god bless u all, u beautiful creatures that scuttle on the floor.
Friday, February 20, 2004 at 13:04:52 (PDT)

From: Courtny
Hometown: Stockton Springs
Message: Hey Zippy I really like your web page it's awesome my friends thought the same thing when i showed it to them we all have beagle springer spanel mixes all from the same litter isn't that cool well bye!!
Saturday, February 14, 2004 at 16:06:47 (PDT)

Saturday, February 14, 2004 at 14:05:50 (PDT)

From: brandon
Saturday, February 14, 2004 at 13:57:14 (PDT)

From: sarah
Message: zippy is so cool!! u have made a GREAT website for dog lovers everywhere!! i have 'chubby' welsh cogi named puffer,whom i love very much.bye!
Wednesday, February 11, 2004 at 16:17:40 (PDT)

From: michelle woodard
Hometown: dickson, tn
Message: I love this dog!! We are in the process of getting tri-colored corgi from good people. It's just been born, so we have about 7 weeks to wait. You have a wonderful and informidable site.
Wednesday, February 11, 2004 at 09:38:07 (PDT)

From: Chris Baca
Hometown: Albuquerque
Message: Zippy is so cool. He is so cute and cuddly. Keep smiling!!!
Monday, February 9, 2004 at 18:50:57 (PDT)

From: Rachael Acor
Hometown: Seneca Falls,N.Y.
Message: I love Corgis so much!Zippy, you are adorable!!
Friday, February 6, 2004 at 17:39:49 (PDT)

From: Wendy
Hometown: Sunnyvale
Message: I adore your website! You take fantastic photos that capture the corgi expression very well. Einstein and I remember seeing you at Corgifaire (he came in 2nd at biscuit eating...). Hopefully our paths will cross again some time!
Friday, February 6, 2004 at 16:47:34 (PDT)

From: Terry McCormick
Hometown: Riley, KS
Message: I'm thinking about a Welsh Corgy for a pet.
Friday, February 6, 2004 at 09:54:51 (PDT)

From: Samarah
Hometown: Washington,DC
Message: I love all of your Corgi stuff. We have a 2year old corgi named Myles. He is full of energy and is on a never ending quest for food! Just like Zippy!
Wednesday, February 4, 2004 at 15:42:18 (PDT)

From: ~!~MeGaN~!~
Hometown: Paris Hick Town
Message: Go Zippy!! Go Zippy!! Whoop Whoop!! Go Zippy!!Zippy's Hott!!!!
Monday, February 2, 2004 at 19:05:55 (PDT)

From: Jennifer
Message: Wow. I had no idea that a web-site could be so fun. Love the interactive coloring books and the dress-up,so cute:) I have a 7 y/old Corgi-Dachshund mix and I loved this site!
Monday, February 2, 2004 at 18:32:39 (PDT)

From: Melody & Andrew Dennis
Hometown: Plano, TX
Message: Great Sight!!! We just picked up our 2nd Pembroke today. We've had Boogie for a year and now we added Ballou (her little brother). They are great little dogs!!!
Sunday, February 1, 2004 at 16:39:27 (PDT)

From: Katie C
Hometown: Gig Harbor
Message: Hey Zip, I love Corgis they are the cutest and I am getting a Corgi when we get a house, I can't wait!
Friday, January 30, 2004 at 18:36:12 (PDT)

From: Ginger
Message: Hey zig! I'm a pembroke corgi pup, and I am 9 months old! Have a nice day!
Thursday, January 29, 2004 at 17:42:32 (PDT)

From: Elizabeth
Hometown: Tulsa, Ok
Message: This is the neatest website I have seen. Out corgi just had puppies and we love them. Thanks for sharing all your expereinces!!
Thursday, January 29, 2004 at 12:23:11 (PDT)

From: Michelle
Hometown: Sunbury, Victoria, Australia
Message: I have owned Welsh Corgis for over 12yrs, I think they are wonderful dogs, suited to be one of the family. My dog Tammy has excelled in obedience, and is absolutely a treasure to have.
Wednesday, January 28, 2004 at 21:27:24 (PDT)

From: Nancy and
Tuesday, January 27, 2004 at 21:41:16 (PDT)

From: Biskit
Hometown: Baytown, TX
Message: Hi Zippy! Nice too meet you. My name is Biskit and I am a deer chihuahua. My humans are good to me just like yours are! Except they just took my rope toy away because they say it is dangerous and I might swallow the strings. I think they are crazy. I love you site and will be checking your updates, by the way, do you like cats? I don't! LOL Sincerely, Biskit Angelly Claxton
Monday, January 26, 2004 at 03:10:50 (PDT)

From: Michelle
Message: You're so cool!
Sunday, January 25, 2004 at 16:21:43 (PDT)

From: Annette
Hometown: Pflugerville, Texas
Message: Dear Zippy: You have a Great site! Thanks for doing this.
Sunday, January 25, 2004 at 15:15:37 (PDT)

Friday, January 23, 2004 at 13:01:43 (PDT)

From: Kaye
Hometown: Sacramento
Message: I love your website! We have been corgi people for about 12 years now - recently lost our sweet girl....her buddy is very lonely. I found your site looking for local breeders. Zippy, you're a hoot and I love your smile. Your site is guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. Thank you!! Kaye
Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 19:15:59 (PDT)

From: Jenny, Barry and John
Hometown: Killen, Alabama
Message: Hi, Zippy and Daisy! We think you're soooo precious! Our Corgis, Murphy and Xena, and our retriever mix Daphne, send their love, and we hope you're all getting settled in and enjoying your new home! Write (in your journal) when you can! We miss you!
Thursday, January 22, 2004 at 07:04:36 (PDT)

From: C. L.
Hometown: Columbus OH
Message: Love the hydrant cartoon!
Tuesday, January 20, 2004 at 15:04:08 (PDT)

From: Deborah
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Message: Zippy, my prince: Congratulations on the new homestead and hope that you and Daisy are settling in comfortably. Did the folks give you time to dig up the heirloom bones before the moving van pulled away? I trust you will be having an open house for all your internet pals, amongst which my Kona and Shamry number themselves. Please give us some suggestions for an appropriate housewarming gift; small appliances, dog accoutrements, pizza parlor certificates, perhaps?
Monday, January 19, 2004 at 21:31:44 (PDT)

From: Lezlie
Hometown: Anchorage
Message: Hello Zippy and Daisy! My new dog Ayla, a Pembrooke Corgi wants to say hello from Alaska. It's -6 degrees at our house right now. B-r-r! Hope it's warmer at your house. Nice to meet you!
Monday, January 19, 2004 at 11:51:42 (PDT)

From: sande
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Message: I am not a new visitor, but have never said hello. hello, Zippy and daisy! I love you both! I think it's great that you can share your wonderful lives with us! i'd love to see more mini movies.
Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 21:18:20 (PDT)

From: Cammie
Message: Well this is the 3rd time it think that i have signed...i just love your a huge corgi fan and im in love with zippy! daisy is the best too! much love to all!
Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 19:11:02 (PDT)

From: Wesley
Hometown: Warrenton
Message: Hey Zip . . . been a little down lately. In one of my regular mad dashes I tore my cruciate ligament. Just had surgery to correct the angle of my knee joint. TPLO it is called and is quite HI TECH. It seems crazy Corgi's like me do this from time to time. Just want to let you know I am recovering well. However, I put up such a fuss when I got my final xray that they had to sedate me . . . if they had just asked me to cooperate I might have. . . . but they treated me like a DOG - so to sleep I went. I was OK with that because they were so understanding at the clinic. Like they said "He is a Corgi". Proud to be ONE, signed Wesley, PWC
Saturday, January 17, 2004 at 17:41:39 (PDT)

From: Sarah
Message: I think you're adorable!
Friday, January 16, 2004 at 18:24:14 (PDT)

From: Betsy
Hometown: Brookhaven,MS
Message: When i was 13 i lost my blue heeler(Bonnie Blue), she was like my best friend. One night i was watching a dog show and saw a pem. i fell in love with them right away. I have wanted one ever since. I haven't gotten one yet but i already have names picked out! Hopefully soon i will be writing on behalf of Bella Claire or Tucker.
Thursday, January 15, 2004 at 19:46:04 (PDT)

From: Colleen M
Hometown: Elkhorn WI
Message: It has been awhile since I have visited your site. It still brings a smile to my face. I hope I have as many adventures when I finally get my own corgi. I might even buy the clock you it! Keep up the great work!
Tuesday, January 13, 2004 at 18:07:12 (PDT)

From: Jenny
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Message: What a cute Web site! I'm actully a brand new mommy to a 11 week old Corgi. Thanks for the insight...:)
Tuesday, January 13, 2004 at 12:51:27 (PDT)

From: Ringo,the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.. written by his owner Jennifer Lee
Hometown: California, Milpitas
Message: Hi! My name is Ringo and I am a Pembroke Welsh Corgi just like you! My owner's name is Jennifer and she is so kind! I love to play with her! My name used to be Buddy but now it's Ringo because I had another owner before! I am only 9 months right now but i'm as big as you!!!!!!!! This is all!
Monday, January 12, 2004 at 21:43:06 (PDT)

From: Aileen Chong
Monday, January 12, 2004 at 21:19:19 (PDT)

From: Jake Larouche
Hometown: Amherst
Message: Wow! I love the site it's outstanding, it's fun, and it has zippy! I love corgis, I have corgis on the brain, as soon as i'm able to have a dog i must get a corgi! I love this site though i have to tell my friends about it!
Monday, January 12, 2004 at 18:29:32 (PDT)

From: Theresa Pearson
Hometown: Jacksonville
Message: I just love your web page. I have a corgi, her name is Honey-Dew, Honey for short. Corgis are the best dog ever. Honey would like a slice of Zippy's apple pie...............
Saturday, January 10, 2004 at 12:27:27 (PDT)

From: clare cardigan /piper pembroke
Hometown: gunbarrel/laffeat
Message: we love you zippy and daisy! we hope you never die! but remember,all dogs go to HEAVEN!!!!!!!
Friday, January 9, 2004 at 16:03:36 (PDT)

From: Gillian
Hometown: Comox, British Columbia CANADA
Message: Zippy is adorable and reminds me of our own tri-colour corgi we use to have, named Max by my two daughters. Even though he died over 5 years ago; to this day he is still sadly missed for his great companionship that he always offered without hesitation. We all still love corgi's for their delightful personalities!!!
Tuesday, January 6, 2004 at 15:45:58 (PDT)

From: Katey (owner of corgi named Arwen)
Message: i have a corgi and a cat my corgi is always chasing my cat. love the web site! keep it up!
Monday, January 5, 2004 at 18:30:22 (PDT)

From: Spunky
Hometown: Manorville, NY
Message: I'm a sneaky but cute corgi who lives with his brother Peanut, mom Melanie, dad Buddy and corgi friend Rambo (who is a pain). We like Bones & Human food! And we love to bark at anything that moves or sometimes just to hear ourselves. You have a nice page Zippy, keep up the good work.
Monday, January 5, 2004 at 12:15:55 (PDT)

From: Pieter
Hometown: Amsterdam
Message: Hello, I would like to wish you a happy new year. Pieter
Sunday, January 4, 2004 at 12:17:29 (PDT)

From: Tyler
Hometown: Northridge,CA
Message: HI Zippy...I am a red and white PWC and my folks rescued me. now i am VERY well-loved all the time. i can definitely relate to everything you say good thing your parents let you use the computer. my mom just loves your website and visits often. just like me it always puts a smile on her face. thanks to you and daisy my folks have something to do when i am napping.
Saturday, January 3, 2004 at 18:29:26 (PDT)

From: Cindy
Hometown: Illinois
Message: WOW!! What a fantastic web page, I have a corgi too! This is great. I have a lot of laughs and I love your thoughts on perserverance.
Saturday, January 3, 2004 at 07:23:47 (PDT)

From: Popcorn
Hometown: Loveland, Colorado
Message: Happy New Year, Zippy! You and your folks are the BEST ambassadors for Corgis. I am 4 years old now, and my Mom says I am perfect. I knew that a long time ago, but was so happy when I quit chewing stuff up and hopping all over the place. I still run like a freight train through the house and yard, though. I love you and Daisy.
Friday, January 2, 2004 at 08:17:21 (PDT)

More correspondence:

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