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Here are some of Zippy’s friends who have stopped by over the years.

From: Roseann Mulkey
Hometown: Aloha OR
Message: I just love Zippy’s web. He & Daisy are just cute as a bug on a rug. Our next family dog will come from animal shelter. LUV WHAT YOU ARE DOING KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.......
Monday, December 31, 2001 at 17:47:38 (PDT)

From: Lucy the Corgi
Hometown: Texas
Message: Zippy, I loved your web page! We found it while looking for corgi clip art, and if anyone knows where to find some, we would really love to hear from them. I, too, lead a life very similar to yours, and think myself very lucky to have humans who care for me sooo much! I understand from them that in a very short time they are planning on bringing home a new play pal for me! He is a tri-colored corgi like you (I’m r&w), and guess what?...they plan on calling him Zippy! I hope he is as nice as you. He's going to be a show dog. We have put your web site as one of our favorites, and will check back often.
Wednesday, December 26, 2001 at 22:34:36 (PDT)

From: Eleanor (Grams)
Hometown: Modesto, California
Message: Hi Zippy and parents! This is Grams, I missed you Christmas, but since your mom had to work, I understand. First time on your website its great. I’m learning. Love you, Grams
Wednesday, December 26, 2001 at 13:16:20 (PDT)

From: Mattie Threlfall O'Neill
Hometown: Boston
Message: Hey Zip: I am the corgi princess of your dreams. I love pie, barking at the mailman, riding in the car (hating the windshield wipers....they say I need a specialist) friends with and without tails and have always enjoyed the West Coast. I would like to send you a picture of myself, how would I do that? Daisy? A sister I hope? I am very busy getting ready for Xmas and entertaining but I could make time for the Zipper. Lots of licks. Mattie.
Friday, December 21, 2001 at 09:11:28 (PDT)

From: Shelby (2yr old Corgi)
Hometown: Minneapolis
Message: I have a very similar day as yours, except I take the mail out of the mailbox everyday with my teeth. I am very friendly towards all things except..... my arch enemy " Mr. Vaccum cleaner". I would really like to know how to make a halloween costume like yours. Please send me some info. Thanks, Shelby
Monday, December 17, 2001 at 09:35:13 (PDT)

From: Deborah Waitz
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Message: Dearest Zippy: The "Motivations" photographs are a delight. Will the Zippy Store be offering them in notecard or poster format? Best wishes of the season from my PWCs Mocha and Kona.
Sunday, December 16, 2001 at 19:28:18 (PDT)

From: Rhiannon
Hometown: Cedar Rapids
Tuesday, December 11, 2001 at 15:55:31 (PDT)

From: Ashley
Hometown: dale city
Message: I loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeee this site
Friday, December 7, 2001 at 15:31:22 (PDT)

From: Emmitt's Grandma
Hometown: Placerville, Ca.
Message: Emmitt lives in Lake Tahoe but comes to spend time at Grandma & Grandpa's house when his human parents have to be out of town. It’s always GREAT Fun to have Emmitt visit with us since we are retired and our other Grandchildren have such busy lives. Emmitt is almost a dead-ringer for Zippy so I have really enjoyed his web-site. Thank you!
Thursday, December 6, 2001 at 20:17:14 (PDT)

From: Hannah
Hometown: Nowata
Message: Hey I love corgis, they are the cutest, lovingist, sweetest dogs around!!
Tuesday, December 4, 2001 at 15:01:58 (PDT)

From: Lalaine
Hometown: California
Message: Cool! I love it!
Friday, November 30, 2001 at 18:07:21 (PDT)

From: Yogurt
Hometown: Indianapolis
Message: Wow....I’m amazed how really alike we are. I like FRAPPING too!!! My folks thinks that the website is PAW-SOME!!! They said something about 'JAVASCRIPT and DHTML layers' I don't understand and prefer 'GO and FETCH' but I like when you bark. Paw-Ter!!
Saturday, November 24, 2001 at 13:59:45 (PDT)

From: cynthia
Hometown: mentor, ohio
Message: I "pet" Zippy when my PWC, Elvis, is in the office with me and love to watch his expression when Zippy barks and growls. You web page is one of my absolute favorites. He's a lucky boy and Elvis sends his best regards, too.
Monday, November 12, 2001 at 17:19:16 (PDT)

From: Anja
Hometown: iceland
Message: hello Zippy, you are cute, i dont know the corgy breed much because there haven't been any in Iceland til this year...I have a shih tzu and a lab, mabe i make a website for them...;)
Monday, November 12, 2001 at 02:16:06 (PDT)

From: Arwen (a corgi)
Message: Ziggy, why do you bark so much on your web site? It scares me!
Sunday, November 11, 2001 at 19:21:04 (PDT)

From: Bert's mom
Hometown: centralia, Il
Message: Zippy you are a doll and seem to set the standard for Corgi behavior. I think Bert has been watching this page at night and learning new mischief from you. He hasn't been in space yet --but also has never seen a hydrant! Good work
Wednesday, November 7, 2001 at 13:32:23 (PDT)

From: Michelle
Hometown: Escondido, California
Message: Zippy is soooo adorable. His day remarkably mirrors our corgi's day. We have had a corgi since May 2000 and we love her! We also love Zippy’s web inventive.
Wednesday, November 7, 2001 at 10:24:47 (PDT)

From: Beverly
Message: Thanks Zippy for brightening our day. We lost out 12 year old Corgi last month and really enjoyed your antics. It’s amazing how much the two of you were alike! We hope to have a new furry friend soon to fill the empty spot in our hearts. Keep up the good work.
Wednesday, November 7, 2001 at 08:58:00 (PDT)

From: J
Message: u r the cuttest dog in tha world!(besides my dog of course) i just found this site and u r soooo cute!
Tuesday, November 6, 2001 at 21:30:18 (PDT)

From: Erin Kestel
Hometown: Rockaway, NJ
Message: I came across your website and almost pee'd in my pants when I was moving the clothes onto Zippy. Hope Zippy is well. Huck & Cody-my 2 Corgi's bark "hi" also.
Sunday, November 4, 2001 at 15:11:09 (PDT)

From: Britney
Message: Hi Zippy.. your site was COOL! I loved it.. I have dogs too. Their names are Male: Pebbles Female: Darkie
Tuesday, October 30, 2001 at 01:26:14 (PDT)

From: Heather
Hometown: Roanoke,SC
Message: Dear Zippy, I love your site, and your soooo cute! I like apple pie too! I have a border collie named Sabrina. Love, Heather
Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 20:42:02 (PDT)

From: Brittany!
Message: Hey Zippy! I LUV your site! Hey guess what! I have a Corgi named Nikki and we have another dog named Daisy too!!!
Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 15:01:58 (PDT)

From: Scoutie
Hometown: Seattle,WA
Message: Great website Zippy! I’m a Lab, but i think you did a great job! My master helped me get on the net and showed me your site. Her name is Emily and she loves corgi's very much. My Sister is a Corgi and her name is Lilly. Great job!!!!
Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 11:48:46 (PDT)

From: Corgi Lover
Hometown: Danville,CA
Message: Dear Zippy, I love your website! It’s very creative. Your such a cute little guy.
Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 11:41:41 (PDT)

From: Pet Lover
Hometown: Roseville CA
Message: I am glad that your site has a responsible animal-owner section, and is also very entertaining.
Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 22:02:11 (PDT)

From: Liz
Hometown: Bragg Creek Alberta Canada
Message: Me and My corgi give your site 10/10 :)
Saturday, October 27, 2001 at 17:36:38 (PDT)

From: Emily
Hometown: Goldens Bridge
Message: Zippy, that hydrant event was a "blast!" What did you eat up in space?
Wednesday, October 24, 2001 at 17:00:25 (PDT)

From: Meg
Message: Hey Zippy. I just got a new pembroke welsh corgi just like you named Keegan. He is very good and you are super cool! ~Meg
Tuesday, October 23, 2001 at 18:48:10 (PDT)

From: Jayne Carlton
Hometown: Corinth, MS
Message: Thank you Zippy for sharing your life with me, I feel like I know you. My Miniature Doxie says that she would love to have a site like yours. Your humans are very creative. You are very lucky to have them to love you so much.
Monday, October 22, 2001 at 19:32:04 (PDT)

From: Debbie Olivera
Hometown: Mill City, Oregon
Message: We love you Zippy. We have a Corgi named Korkie, she will be one year old on the 27th of October. When we went to pet Zippy and had him bark, Korkie would not leave the computer. I’m not sure if she is in love or if she is a bit jealous. Thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures, stories, etc. God bless you, Debbie, John & Korkie
Saturday, October 20, 2001 at 16:19:33 (PDT)

From: CTL
Message: Zippy your hydrant adventure was a "blast". Keep up the fun times. We all need a laugh.
Thursday, October 18, 2001 at 16:17:15 (PDT)

From: Bob and Carolyn Montgomery
Hometown: Sacramento
Message: Hi Zippy! The Montgomery Corgwyn here - Oliver and Samlet, AKA the "O" man and Sam-Sam. Just a thought for your paper doll page. Our humans describe us as "meatloafs on rocket fuel." Could make a snazzy little outfit; think about it. Time to go herd the cats, bye!
Saturday, October 13, 2001 at 10:30:07 (PDT)

From: Adrienne Tippy
Hometown: Philadelphia
Message: Hi Zippy! My name is Biscuit Tippy - if you and I married would you be Zippy Tippy? Well my humans keep clicking your website. They say that your humans are as nuts about you as mine are about me! Do you smell terrible? There's no mention of that. I do, but no one here minds. I kiss everyone in my house until they're saturated. I bark when anyone pays more attention to our cats - it really annoys me. Sometimes, I just herd the cats into a back room to get them out of the way. I love them though - I’m allowed to lick the spoon that's used to feed them - though my humans have been reduced to feeding them on the kitchen table because I take it upon myself to eat any food within my reach. I was a whopping 30 lbs. at one time because of it; now I’m a slim 25 lbs. Well, my humans really loved your school bus costume; they want one for me. Can we buy it? I never win anything at the Halloween Party my humans take me to because, I, like, Daisy, know no tricks. It would be nice to at least have a cute costume. Well, we'll be clicking in now and then. Licks to you!!
Friday, October 12, 2001 at 14:36:12 (PDT)

From: Joe
Hometown: Sac Town
Message: its a great site, lots of fun, but man u have way to much time on your hands. Great site though
Thursday, October 11, 2001 at 22:25:42 (PDT)

From: Elisha
Hometown: Rochester, MN
Message: Zippy, I really enjoyed seeing your website. Your people are very creative and mighty organized. We are expecting our first Corgi in just a couple of weeks and I hope that we all have as much fun as you and your people do. Take Care.
Wednesday, October 10, 2001 at 10:08:40 (PDT)

From: Linda
Hometown: Houston
Message: Hi Zippy, I’m very impressed by your site! Not only is it the best special-interest site I’ve seen, it may be the best site, period! Kudos to you and your [people's] creativity! Good stuff!
Tuesday, October 9, 2001 at 19:06:30 (PDT)

From: christina
Hometown: NY
Message: this is the best web page ever! corgis rule!
Sunday, October 7, 2001 at 18:13:33 (PDT)

From: Brit
Sunday, October 7, 2001 at 13:08:53 (PDT)

From: Dylan
Message: Hi Zippy! My R&W PWC Tasha has absolutely fallen in love with you. You are such a cool corgi. Your human has done such an inspirational and creative job on your web site -- give him a kiss for us.
Sunday, September 30, 2001 at 14:07:39 (PDT)

From: Mimi
Hometown: California
Message: Zippy is very cute. We are the proud folks of Simon, a 6 month old red and white Pembroke Corgi. Enjoy your site, especially Zippy’s Halloween costume! How about a fire truck next year?
Friday, September 28, 2001 at 22:59:27 (PDT)

From: wew
Hometown: san antonio
Message: I always wanted a Corgi--now I can share Zippy with his owners. Thanks. Hi to Daisy, she's cool.
Monday, September 24, 2001 at 22:31:46 (PDT)

From: Katie
Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware
Friday, September 21, 2001 at 09:36:58 (PDT)

From: Corgi Dog
Hometown: Ashland, PA
Message: Dear Zippy, Loved your web site! I am a 10 year old red/white PWC stuck with the name Corgi Dog (my people have a weird sense of humor). Anyway, we seem to have a lot in common, especially the food part. I also love to bark at everyone within ten miles of my house and herd my family to the kitchen at mealtimes. Oops- time for my nap! Bye!
Wednesday, September 19, 2001 at 20:21:32 (PDT)

From: Bruce
Hometown: Howell, MI
Wednesday, September 12, 2001 at 05:24:41 (PDT)

From: Paulette & Jimmy Stoddard
Hometown: Saint John
Message: Zippy: You are one very cute Corgi! We don't want to flatter you too much but your unique personality transcends your well designed Web Site. We are soon to be Corgi puppy owners and hope that our puppy will take after you. To Zippy’s owners - please keep us up to date on Zippy’s antics - we love them. All the Best Zippy! Jimmy & Paulette
Monday, September 10, 2001 at 17:37:10 (PDT)

From: Stefanie
Hometown: San Diego CA
Message: Hi Zippy!! I like how you fixed your web page up!!! You are such a cool dog!!! See you!!
Sunday, September 9, 2001 at 09:57:26 (PDT)

From: Ddot & Gambit
Hometown: Belpre, OH
Message: Zippy, your web page is AWESOME! We love it. We especially like all the interactive things we can do on your site. We are both R&W Pembrokes, and Ddot is a 4.5 year old female and Gambit is a 5 year old male. We live outside of town and enjoy all the little creatures that come into our yard to play. Our masters are away now at college, but they trained us well. Our main job is to keep elephants out of the neighborhood and not one has dared to venture anywhere near our home! Keep up the good work and remember to "pace yourself". Too much work and no play does not make a fun fellow!
Tuesday, September 4, 2001 at 21:53:18 (PDT)

From: Lucy
Hometown: Maurice River Township, NJ
Message: Love your page!
Sunday, September 2, 2001 at 18:06:34 (PDT)

From: Brassy
Hometown: Virginia
Message: hi zippy! love your website!! its about time corgis get the spotlight they deserve!!
Thursday, August 30, 2001 at 06:47:46 (PDT)

From: Owain and my sister Reba
Hometown: Rome, Maine
Message: Yer site keeps gettin better n better. I a sable PWC and I’m 2. My mom loved the hydrant story. I live in da country so I don't have any hydrants to water. But I got lotsa trees. I water them regularly. Then my stinky sister Reba follows me and waters on all my spots. She's a red and white PWC and she's 5.
Wednesday, August 29, 2001 at 18:10:47 (PDT)

From: Docker
Message: Hello, Zippy. What a wonderful web site. I barked and barked when my People "petted" you. I am a 6 year old, red Welsh Pembroke Corgi. I am the protector of my family, especially the grandbaby. I love to eat anything I can find and occasionally tell "white lies" about missing my dinner. I never take food from strangers, though. I get to sleep upstairs with my People and go for walks twice a day with Dad. I love to snuggle with Mom on the couch when she gives in and lets me jump up. I do not like the garbage truck or the UPS man, neither do I appreciate the paperboy and his bicycle. I bark until Dad gets mad. Then I just tilt my ears back and mutter. I can "sing" very well and enjoy watching Animal Planet TV programming. Thanks for your web page. Your Corgi Friend, Docker
Thursday, August 23, 2001 at 18:04:00 (PDT)

From: Kaluah
Message: WOW!!!!!!! I really liked your site! I am a tricolor cardigan welsh corgi. I think there should be more fun corgi sites out there. You have done a fabulous job.
Wednesday, August 22, 2001 at 23:05:25 (PDT)

From: Kyna
Message: Hi Zippy, I think I forgot to give you my email address when I wrote last but my folks were just learning how to use the computer. I would like to send you a picture of me but I am not sure that it would fit in this little space. I will experiment with sending you one regular email. I am pretty cute as you will see. Have a nice weekend of playing, sleeping and having yummy treats!
Saturday, August 18, 2001 at 06:27:16 (PDT)

From: Joe Miller
Hometown: Southbridge, MA
Message: Hey Zippy! Great web site! I also own a Corgi (sable) so i could identify with a lot of stuff on this site (snoozing, rolling, eating). GREAT SITE!!!
Friday, August 17, 2001 at 07:18:16 (PDT)

From: Hotdog the daschund
Hometown: Laguna, Philippines
Message: Hi Zippy! You are one nice Corgi! My folks are planning to buy one like you. I hope I could be with someone like your breed. I wish to have a playmate like you at our house. Bye-bye!
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 at 19:55:42 (PDT)

From: Buster Brown
Hometown: Madras Oregon
Message: Hey Zippy, My name is Buster. I love your web site. I’m getting used to my new family. Julio, a 13 yr old golden lab and Spur, a 14 yr old abysinian cat. I make sure Spur has clean ears every morning and like to lick her face after breakfast. They never seems to say much. I think they think I’m too loud, and wish I would'nt make so much noise. What do you think Zippy? Should I keep my muzzle shut? Maybe, the whole family would be much happier.
Tuesday, August 14, 2001 at 16:19:37 (PDT)

From: Rosana Rodriguez
Hometown: Nampa, Idaho
Message: Hi, Zippy! I love your web-site! Although I’m only twelve, I love animals very much. Espescially the dog family. Unfortunatly, my family doesn't really share that love so we only have one dog right now. Her name is Guaza (Wasa). She's a chow mix. Anyway your web-site has inspired me to pay more attention to my dog and not take her for granted. You know how everyone tries to be nice and love everyone? Well, animals already know how to do that so they don't stay with us as long as we want them to. Thank you for helping me realize this. -Rosana
Monday, August 13, 2001 at 18:22:27 (PDT)

From: Marsell
Message: Husdyr i Norge
Saturday, August 11, 2001 at 18:52:47 (PDT)

From: kyna
Message: hi zippy, you look and sound like a real cool corgi. I am sometimes thought of as "queen kyna". I don't have a web site like you because my folks just got started in the computer world and seem to find things by accident. However, I did have my picture on the front page of our local newspaper - feature don't you know! I would love to send it to you when my folks figure out how to do that (which frankly might take a LONG time knowing them). I am really interested in corgi parties and will check back later to get more details. Take care new friend.......
Tuesday, August 7, 2001 at 21:53:15 (PDT)

From: Jan Williams
Hometown: Little Compton, Rhode Island
Message: Hi Zippy- Corgis rule! If you come on vacation to RI, we'll invite you to our town's annual Corgi Party! Love, Dylan and Audrey, the corgis
Sunday, August 5, 2001 at 13:59:22 (PDT)

From: Marianne Brooks
Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Message: Lady, Tess, Thomas (Pems) and Derri (lone Cardi cross dressing as a Pem) are all jealous that Zippy has a web page. I liked the dress-the-corgi page. My cats are not amused.
Friday, August 3, 2001 at 19:26:50 (PDT)

From: Ellen R. Cicero
Hometown: Rochester, NY
Message: 14624 This is a wonderful web page! From one corgi owner to another. Someone on the Corgi-l mailing list sent it to me. If you haven't been there, or to our web site, let me know if you are interested. Great site!!!! Ellen
Friday, August 3, 2001 at 13:34:51 (PDT)

From: Jamie Hagedorn
Hometown: Evanston, IL
Message: Dear Zippy, This may be the cutest, sweetest site on the entire World Wide Web! And you and your Daisy are darlings. Your friends Jamie, Sara Lee (PWC) and DAISY! (Beagle)
Friday, August 3, 2001 at 13:15:24 (PDT)

From: Kristin Shoemaker
Hometown: Joliet, IL
Message: What a wonderful web site! I too was laughing out loud. I have Winnie a 2 yr. old tri-color WPC. Winnie is really into winter and snow! We found her one day in the yard, all you could see was her four paws sticking straight up from a huge pile of snow. She popped out with a snow beard and mustache. absolutely in heaven....... We bought her from a FABULOUS meticulous wonderful breeder in Indiana if anyone's looking in that area. Just e-mail me.
Wednesday, August 1, 2001 at 11:55:10 (PDT)

From: Jeannette Marshall
Hometown: Derry NH
Message: Zippy, you look like a very special dog. I had my own Zippy but she was a girl and just 1/2 Corgi (her dad was a fox terrier). Looking at your pictures reminded me of her, that Corgi face is a hard one to resist!! Thanks for making my
Tuesday, July 31, 2001 at 18:34:33 (PDT)

From: Charles Howard
Hometown: Montgomery AL
Message: Our PWC Endy leads about the same life. Buster cube while we're gone (Kong with PB on Sundays), Booda toy (the only one she likes - have given the rest to auctions!) and those afternoon "sunbathing" rests in the backyard. She's the July 1 calendar girl on the 395 Corgis/year calender for 2001.
Saturday, July 28, 2001 at 18:54:08 (PDT)

From: Cindy Courington
Hometown: White Hall, Arkansas
Message: We go to get our new corgi puppy in two weeks and I can't wait. You have inspired many great ideas to incorporate our new "baby" into my hobbies of scrapbooking and photography. Thanks Zippy
Friday, July 27, 2001 at 12:12:11 (PDT)

From: cariad
Hometown: southampton
Message: hiya zippy and name is cariad,i am a very cute tabby kitten(so my mum tells me) i love your site ,i hope all doggies are as nice as you. meows and purrs, cariad
Friday, July 27, 2001 at 08:36:40 (PDT)

From: Stephanie & Rebel
Hometown: Memphis
Message: Great Site Zippy! You are the cutest dog I’ve ever seen. Stop by our place soon and sign the g-book. Great Site, Your Friends, Stephanie & Rebel
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 at 09:19:54 (PDT)

From: Deborah Waitz
Hometown: Lakewood, CO
Message: Dearest Zippy: When you adopted Daisy, what did the people at the shelter think were the other element(s) in her corgi mix? Mocha, my old girl and Kona, the new girl send, as always, their admiring regards. Java, the love of my life, and one of your most devoted fans passed away last year, much before his time. Best wishes to you and your family, Deborah
Sunday, July 22, 2001 at 00:31:40 (PDT)

From: Buster Baxter
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Message: Hi zippy! I love your site! a lot of work was put into it. Well, bye!
Monday, July 16, 2001 at 12:39:10 (PDT)

From: Emily
Message: I love corgis zippy, just like you! I’ve been looking for a breeder in Washington state for a very long time but I can't find one. About a year I guess. Anyway I’m gunna look through Website. Emily, age 10
Thursday, July 12, 2001 at 16:38:38 (PDT)

Hometown: LOVELAND, CO
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 at 10:33:28 (PDT)

From: rebecca
Hometown: el paso
Message: Zippy’s the cuuuuuuuuutest little guy!!! Does anyone have any info on how I can look into getting a corgie of my own here in El Paso, TX? I’ve been wanting one for years & now I have a backyard so if any anyone has any info pls email me. ^..^
Tuesday, July 10, 2001 at 08:46:29 (PDT)

From: Patricia
Hometown: Sherman Oaks
Message: Hey Zippy! How lucky you are to have such loving, creative parents -- I hope you appreciate it! What a spoiled puppy! I know, I have a nephew puppy that I spoil terribly with lots of hugs and kisses and treats too. Great site. It’s not just for kids!
Friday, July 6, 2001 at 21:07:39 (PDT)

From: Nancy Holland
Hometown: Fresno, CA
Message: Excellent Website! I will have to let my computer students know about it. Very creative and fun too!
Wednesday, July 4, 2001 at 06:18:56 (PDT)

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